Sunline Super Natural Mono

Sunline Super Natural Mono 330yds


Monofilament Fishing Line

Super Natural

Available in three colors and spools sizes of 330yds, 660yds and 3000yds. Super Natural was specially designed for the US marketplace.

Super Natural Monofilament features include the following:

  • UV-R processing to protect the line from UV rays

  • Supple and easy to handle

  • Uniform diamenter and truly round cross section

  • Low memory

  • Resistant to kinks and curls

  • Spools well onto reel

  • Moderate stretch

  • Available in three natural colors to match any water condition

  • Natural Clear - For exceptional transparency

  • Jungle Green - A natural green for excellent camoflauge.

  • Mizu Blue - A natural blue that blends into any water color.